22 Dhū al-Ḥijjah '43 — Da'wah

Best Salafi Masjids in the US


A major duty as a Muslim is that he goes to the Masjid as often as he can, and whenever he is able to. Being in the Masjid brings special acts of worship, like Salat (prayer). Salat is an obligatory act of worship, one of the most important acts of worship and is the second pillar of Islam, and it brings even more rewards when the Salat is offered at the Masjid.

One prayer that is offered only at the Masjid is Jumu'ah, which is explained in detail here, but one fact about it is that it is one of the most important prayers and is obligatory if the Muslim has the ability to offer it.

So due to the high rewards of the Masjid, this article will explain in brief the best Salafi Masjid in the US. (I will probably go over this in more areas insha-allah). Also note that I have personally went to every masjid on this list, so they include my personal thoughts about them.

1. Masjid Al-Hidaayah (Woodlawn, MD)

This, by far, was one of my favorite masjid. The Imam was fantastic, the prayers felt amazing (masha-allah!) and it is just overall one of the best masjid out there in the US.

They also have a bookstore (House of Knowledge) conveniently right next to the masjid itself. It includes a ton of beneficial books to be bought, and they also have audio lectures. Amazing masjid.

Their website can be found here.

2. Masjid As-Shura (Norfolk, VA)

Another great Masjid located in Norfolk Virginia. The community is nice, the Imam was good, and the prayers felt amazing. One of the best times I've had here was when I prayed the Fajr prayer (alhamdulillah).

They also have a bookstore online that you can buy books from. They also have beneficial audio lectures on their website as well as a blog which they write articles on.

3. Germantown Masjid (Philadelphia, PA)

Although I haven't been here much, it is a great masjid in Philadelphia. filled with amazing benefits as always.

They have an Instagram page which they frequently post on, as well as a Twitter page.

4. Masjid Rahmah (Newark, NJ)

This masjid is of course amazing and is one of the most memorable masjids I've went to.

Their website can be found here, They also have classes as well.

5. Masjid Tawheed Wa Sunnah (Durham, NC)

Amazing masjid with an amazing community. Located in Durham NC, it is the best and only Salafi Masjid in North Carolina (insha-allah more will be built there). The Imam is amazing and they have a bookstore right in the masjid with beneficial islamic books.

They are also working on a new Masjid project, which can be found here. Their books can also be ordered online on their website.


These 5 masjids are all great and I hope they can all gain support and continue benefitting insha-allah. I thank you very much for reading this, and hope you have benefitted from this insha-allah.

May Allah bless you, the people who created and maintain these masajid, and shukran.