Islāmic Text Copier

Open-source Arabic text copying program

The Islāmic Text Copier is a simple but very useful PC program that allows you to easily copy islamic expressions in Arabic. You can either click the image of the text to copy it, or use hotkeys such as Alt + 1 for ﷺ, Alt + 2 for ﷻ, etc. This is especially useful when writing articles.

Originally, I made it just for myself to use to make writing articles easier, but decided to publish it as it would be useful for others as well.


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Please note that Islāmic Text Copier is not a code-signed app, and to get this done is too expensive for me, so because of this it might be falsely detected as a virus. If you get a SmartScreen popup (which you most likely will), click More info and select Run anyway at the bottom to start the app. By Allāh, this is not actually harmful software.