22 Ṣafar '45 — Quick Benefit

Is it permissible to recite al-Qurʾān whilst bowing/prostrating?


While reading The Description of the Prophet's Prayer ﷺ by Sheikh Muqbil ibn Hādi al-Wādi'i (رحمه الله), I've came across a ḥadīth which I found interesting and wanted to share with others.

In the book it says:

"I asked my father (رحمه الله) the ruling of reciting the Qurʾān, in bowing and prostration."

His father (رحمه الله) responded:

"It is not permissible. For it is affirmed within Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim (no. 479) on the authority of ibn Abbas, from the Prophet (ﷺ) that he said:

'I have been prohibited from reciting Qurʾān when bowing or prostrating.'"

Further on, the book explains:

"I say: ibn Hazm held that this was not permissible within al-Muhalla (pg. 396); as well as as-San’ani within Subul as-Salam (2/208), and ash-Shawkānī within Nayl al-Awtar (3/186). Sheikh al-Albani, likewise, within Talkhis Sifah as-Salah (pg. 20). The majority of the scholars hold that it is disliked.

I asked my father: 'If one were to supplicate in the bowing and prostration with supplications that have come within the Qurʾān, such as the statement of Allāh (عز و جل): 'Our Lord, do not allow our hearts to be diverted after you have guided us; and give us mercy from yourself. Indeed you are the Ever-Bestower.' Does this enter into the prohibition?' He said: 'They are excluded from the prohibition if one recites them due to the fact that they are supplications; and not from the perspective of it being recitation of the Qurʾān, which is included within his statement:

'I have been prohibited from reciting Qurʾān when bowing or prostrating.''"

In sum, it is impermissible to recite al-Qurʾān whilst bowing or prostrating, but this impermissiblity is excused if the āyat being recited is a supplication from al-Qurʾān and that it is recited for the sole intention of it being a supplication.

May Allāh have abundant mercy on Sheikh Muqbil ibn Hādi al-Wādi'i, and may Allāh bless you, and shukran.