19 Apr 22 (10 Jul 22 remade) — Quick Benefit

3 Personal Islamic Terms

In the Name of Allah,

Praise be to Allah,

This brief article will discuss some of the personal Islamic terms you may hear.

1. Sheikh

Most recognizable term is the Sheikh. A Sheikh is a knowledgeable Islamic scholar who usually has high standards in Islam. They usually host lectures, give out fatwas, and classes.

2. Ustadh

A Ustadh is a Muslim who has graduated in Islamic Studies, and usually are ready to begin their work in teaching Islam to others across the globe.

3. Salafi

Finally, a Salafi is one who follows the way of the Salaf; commonly said to be "the pious predecessors". A Salafi usually does everything the Salafs did in the past.


Now you know the meanings of these Islamic terms. I hope you found this beneficial insha-allah!

May Allah bless you, and shukran.

© Nasir ibn Saleem