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Things to do in Eid Al-Fitr


Alhamdulillah! We have reached Eid Al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan. And just like Ramadan, we must do special acts of worship on this blessed day.

In this article, you will learn to do important things to do in Eid Al-Fitr:

1. Pray Salat-Al-Eid

Before arriving to the Masjid (mosque), make sure to make Ghusl or Wudu before you arrive, and once you do, you can find your local masjid (mosque) to see if the Imam is offering the Eid prayer. I've actually completed my Eid prayer today with Imam Rasheed Barbee (hafidhahullah). It consists of 2 rakats and are one of the most rewarding prayers you can offer.

2. Give Zakat

Zakat is an obligatory charity which can be done at any time, but Eid is one of the best times to do it.

You can donate any amount you want to give Zakat, to help the needy people and help fund Muslim services.

3. Purify Yourself

Purification (wudu) is one of the virtues of Islam. It is actually an act of worship and required to perform Salat (prayer).

Also you can take baths on Fridays as the Prophet ﷺ said so:

"The taking of a bath on Friday is compulsory for every Muslim who has attained the age of puberty." ¹

4. Recite Takbeer

It is obligatory to recite the Takbeer for every Baaligh (adult), This is done during the Eid prayer saying "Allahu Akbar" multiple times.

5. Read Qur'an

Reading Qur'an during Eid can be very rewarding. You can read as much Qur'an as you want to, and always read Qur'an after every Salat (prayer).


Performing these acts are very important as these times can only happen once a year, and it is not guaranteed if you'll ever have another Eid or Ramadan, so make sure to do some of these acts all the time, even if it is not Ramadan or Eid.

May Allah bless you, and shukran.


1. Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 2 Book 13 Num 21