18 Rabīʿ al-Awwal '44 — Biography

Brief Biography of: Sheikh Ṣāliḥ ibn ʿAbd al ʿAzīz Aali Sheikh (حفظه الله)


His Name and Lineage

His (حفظه الله) full name is Sheikh Ṣāliḥ ibn ʿAbd al ʿAzīz ibn Muḥammad ibn ʾIbrāhīm ibn ʻAbd al-Laṭīf ibn ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Ḥasan ibn Muḥammad ibn ʻAbd al-Wahhāb, a descendant of the well-known scholar and reviver of the 13th century, Imām Muḥammad ibn ʻAbd al-Wahhāb (رحمه الله). The lineage of the Sheikh can be traced back to the well-known tribe of Banū Tamīm.

His Upbringing and Early Studies

He was born in the city of Riyāḍ in the Hijrī year of 1378, and raised in a home filled with knowledge and religion. He completed his secondary studies (i.e. high school) in Riyāḍ. Due to his strong desire to have his university studies focused on religious knowledge, he enrolled in Imām Muḥammad ibn Su'ood, an islāmic university.

His Roles and Duties

In the Hijrī year of 1420, the order was given to appoint him as the Minister of the Committee for Islāmic Affairs, Endowments, Calling and Guidance, a role that he carries out along with his current role of overseeing the establishment of charitable organizations, such as al-Haramain Charity Foundation. Even during his early youth, he has devoted himself to seeking knowledge and verifying (Fiqh) issues in the same manner as the scholars that follow the Way of the Salaf and the senior scholars.

His Teachers

He gained knowledge from numerous scholars, the likes of:

His Activities and Achievements

He strived to obtain academic ijaazahs (i.e. authoritative permissions from various places throughout the world). This is such that he has obtained a number of ijaazahs from some of the scholars of Saudi Arabia, as well as traveled to Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan, India, etc. The Sheikh has produced close to seventeen written works and verifications which students of knowledge strive to gain due to their comprehensiveness and precision.

May Allāh preserve this Sheikh and keep him firm upon Islām, and may Allāh bless you, and shukran.

Source : Brief contents of the biography is extracted from the book, The Rules and Etiquettes of Ruqyah, with minor changes to the original wording.