10 Shaʿbān '44 — Fatwā

ibn Jibrīn's (رحمه الله) Explanation on Why Ayātul-Kursī is the Greatest Ayāt in the Qurʾān


Sheikh ibn Jibrīn (رحمه الله) was asked regarding why Ayātul-Kursī is the greatest Ayāt in al-Qurʾān, and he (رحمه الله) gave a concise and clear explanation to that:

He (رحمه الله) was asked:

"Why is Ayātul-Kursī the greatest Ayāt in al-Qurʾān?"

Then he (رحمه الله) responded:

"Ayātul-Kursī mentions, both explicitly and implicitly, many of Allāh's attributes; singling Him out in worship, and those qualities of perfection that befit Allāh Almighty, and negating those qualities of imperfection that do not befit Him Almighty. In no other Ayāt of the Qurʾān are these qualities found to the same degree, which is why its virtues are extolled in many Aḥādīth, and which is why it is to be recited after the obligatory prayers, before going to sleep, and why it helps to repel Shaiṭān, along with the other great benefits mentioned with reciting it."

So this fatwā should, ʾin shāʾ Allāh, give us a greater understanding of the importance of this glorious Ayāt of Allāh's book.

May Allāh bless you, and shukran.

Source : Fatāwā Islāmīyah vol no. 7, page no. 18