15 Muḥarram '44 — Review

Book Review: The Advice of Prophet Yahya ibn Zakariya

Author: ibn al-Qayyim

Publisher: Authentic Statements Publications

Pages: 62


The Advice of Prophet Yahya ibn Zakariya is a book that is focused around Prophet Yahya (alayhi salam). It contains a short biography about him, and other beneficial information inside.

The book was explained and authored by ibn al-Qayyim, an islamic book writer who has also compiled many different books.

The goal of this book is to inform of the advice of Prophet Yahya (alayhi salam) and how he was able to spread the religion of Islam.


Consisting of 12 chapters, this book contains a lot of information inside. Inside the book, there is information such as the virtues of fasting, how to pray correctly, proper rememberence of Allah, etc. As the book is mainly about Prophet Yahya (alayhi salam), most of the benefits comes from him.

The book contains a lot of beneficial facts about Prophet Yahya (alayhi salam)'s life, his family, how he called people to islam, etc.

A few highlights of this book:

1. Explains a lot about Prophet Yahya (alayhi salam) and how he spread Da'wah to Islam.

2. Explains how to pray correctly, and remember Allah often.

3. A short read, just 62 pages.

4. Numerous hadith.

In my opinion, I think one of the most beneficial chapters of this book is Establish the Prayer and The Virtues of the Rememberance of Allah.

Establish the Prayer explains how to pray in properly, like focusing completely on the prayer and ignoring distractions like evil thoughts and desires.

The Virtues of the Rememberance of Allah contains numerous amounts of ahadith and quotes of Prophet Yahya (alayhi salam).

In the book, Yahya ibn Zakariya (alayhi salam) said:

"And He commands you to remember Allah. For indeed the parable of that is a man whose enemy quickly tracks him until he reaches an impermeable fortress in which he protects himself from them."

Overall, I would recommend this book to any Muslim looking to seek knowledge.

May Allah have mercy on ibn al-Qayyim, his family, and reward him greatly for his contributions to the religion of Islam (ameen).

May Allah bless you, and shukran.